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Dear NCSC members,

NCSC Election Committee has decided to conduct an election for NCSC executive (term 2020-
2022), according to the NCSC bylaw. The following Election Schedule (key dates) is for the
information to all members:
Election Schedule:
1. Voters list publication: Saturday July 11, 2020 before midnight
Voters list will be published through e-mail and NCSC website. Since further
communication to the members will be only through email and upcoming AGM and
election are being held electronically, we request all members to provide and confirm
their email address to NCSC executives and get updated before the voters’ list
2. Complaints about the voters list: Sunday July 12 to Tuesday July 14, 2020 before 4 pm.
Request for name correction, e-mail missing, and complaints about the voters list
through e-mail at .
3. Final voters list publication: Wednesday July 15, 2020 before midnight
The candidate nomination forms will be circulated together with final voters’ list
4. Nomination for the Candidate: Thursday July 16 to Friday July 17, 2020 before 4 Pm.
Candidates’ nominations for the executive positions (one candidate for each post of
President, Vice President, Secretary, Event Coordinator, Treasurer, Media Coordinator,
Joint Secretary, and Four Executive Members)
5. Candidate list Publication: Friday, July 17, 2020 before midnight.
6. Complaints, withdrawal of candidacy: Saturday July, 18 to Wednesday July 22, 2020;
before 4 pm.
7. Final candidate’s list: Thursday, July 23 before 6 pm:
Mail out final candidate’s list and campaign period starts (Note: If the candidates do not
have any opposition, the results will be declared).
8. NCSC AGM: Saturday, July 25;
The AGM will provide a mandate to carry out either physical or electronic voting based
on contemporary circumstances. Based on the current COVID-19 situation, the Election
Committee has been preparing for electronic voting. The Election Committee will follow
the election process based on the AGM decision.
Once AGM provides the permission to carry out virtual election:

9. Voting date and time: Saturday, August 1 from 6 AM to 9 PM
Email with the voting link will be sent out to the members at the time or before the start
of the election and members will be able to open the link and vote until the closing
If AGM does not provide permission for virtual voting, paper ballots casting system
will be set up considering current provincial health guidelines and social distancing
measures. The date and time will be Saturday, August 1 from 11 AM to 5 PM.
10. Result: Sunday, August 2, 2020 before 11 AM for electronic voting and as soon as
completion of counting for paper ballots. The results will be circulated through email.
Please contact for further questions.
The Election Committee



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