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Dear members

We are at the door of online election. Since it is our First time conducting this kind in the history of NCSC, many members may have several queries. I am writing this to give the answer to some questions you may have regarding online election.





·How do I get help in case I have problems during voting process

Answer: You can email us at or call us to the following numbers if you need assistance. We will entertain your calls after 11 AM. Our help desk numbers are: 4034678474, 4036052106, 4036297407, 4039680882 and 4035616929

· I have not received the email with the voting link that you mentioned it has been sent. 

Answer: First of all, please check your junk mail. If you have not received the email that means your email is not associated with your name on voters list. Please provide us your email address.  


· What if I did not save the previous email with the voting link?

Answer:  No worries, just let us know and we will send you the link again.


· What if a voter asks for the voting link providing second email

Answer:  Yes, you can request for a voting link providing a second email, but you will not be able to vote through the link on the first email in this case. 


· Is it possible and allowed to request the voting link on the election day?

Answer: Yes


· Is it possible for a voter to vote multiple times if they have received multiple voting links?

Answer:  No. As soon as a voter votes, their profile is marked as ‘voted’ and the system sends a warning message that they have already voted if they make a second attempt.


· How is the Elector Id and Password generated?

Answer:  Elector ID is assigned by the Election Commissionaire and password is auto generated by the software. 


· Does anybody else know my Elector Id and Password?

Answer:  Chief Election Commissioner knows your Elector ID but no one else knows your password other than yourself since this is auto generated and completely confidential to yourself. 

· Is it mandatory to vote for all the positions to be elected?

Answer:  It is not mandatory to vote for all the positions if you wish not to. You can abstain (do not vote) from voting for the positions you do not wish to vote.


· How reliable is the voting result?

Answer:  It is 100% reliable. Once the voting is completed. Verified results from the vendor will be published for the announcement.




· What if the election committee sends the voting link to other people who are not members?

Answer:  The Election Committee will have a downloaded file for all the activities that we perform on the election. A CSV file for voters list will be downloaded from the election software for our log and future references for any interested member for post review. It will also be available and will be recorded at NCSC office for future references. If you are interested, you can review and ensure that none other than the registered members have received the voting link. 


· How do I know the election results?

Answer: We will make an announcement through a zoom meeting around 9.30 PM on the voting day, We will also send an email, It will be published on the website and you can view yourself through the same link that you use for voting as well from your mobile device or computer. 


· What if a voter falsifies as if they have not received a voting link even after voting?


Answer: Election Commission can view who has voted and who has not.


· Can Election Commission Administrators see who I voted for?

Answer: No, the Election Commission would not know who they voted. It is strictly confidential to the voter only.


· Can I share the voting link on Facebook so that other people can vote through the link I shared?

Answer: Voting link is member specific generated by the system and only the member through the associated email can vote.


· Can all the family members vote from a single device  

Answer: We recommend not to use the same device because there may be some chances of complications. If you have no other device then please log out after each member vote and use separate browser for each vote (example google chrome, internet explorer, firefox etc)


· What if a person has created fake members and votes multiple times using different Email IDs?

Answer: Election Commission will be able to track IP addresses of the devices that the members are using for voting.  This is a fraudulent activity and against the law of Canada. Criminal laws of Canada will be attracted against such activities. Since all the members are over 18, They are responsible for their activities. 

Dinesh Adhikari 


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