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Who Are We?

The Nepalese Community Society of Calgary (NCSC) is a registered non-profit organization. The NCSC is open for all individual and welcomes your help and contribution for the welfare of the community.


NCSC empowers community members to preserve their culture and heritage,and achieve their full potential when integrating into Canadian society.


  • Preserving Nepalese culture and identity by celebrating festivals, organizing socio-cultural events, and exchanging educational and recreational programs,

  • Networking with local, provincial, national, and international governmental and non-governmental organizations through partnership and sharing resources for mutual interests,

  • Providing moral support and vital information to Nepalese newcomers to adapt in a Canadian environment, and

  • Strengthening the NCSC for its sustainability through ownership and increased participation.


  • We have deep faith and respect in our culture and heritage.

  • We believe in the culture of respecting other communities’ language, culture and traditions.

  • We believe and involve in the traditions of providing selfless services to the communities.

  • We respect senior citizens and recognize their experience and expertise.

Our History

The history of Nepalese people who came to Calgary and made their home here is very new. It has been said that the Nepalese students started visiting the 'University of Calgary' for higher academic studies and research in late 1970s. It is also learnt that these students had an unofficial association in place to forge a social and cultural relationships between the students and other Nepalese people living then in Calgary. However, the momentum of such an institution established by the visiting students could not remain active after their departure from Calgary.

In late 1990s, the Nepalese people who had settled permanently in Calgary revived the idea to form a Nepalese association. However, nothing came as concrete to lead the aspirations dreamed by these individuals.

The influx of Nepalese immigrants began to increase inCalgaryfrom 2001 and dramatically reached to 300 people by 2003. With the increase in number of newcomers in Calgary, there was immense need of help, support and guidance for these people to assimilate into a new Canadian society. Realizing this need, by late 2003 many Nepalese individual volunteers came forward and agreed to form a Nepalese Community Society of Calgary (NCSC). Finally, the NCSC was incorporated inAlbertaon 20th February 2004.

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NCSC is proud to have the biggest event ever in its history completed very successfully on 25 December 2017. This event Was as a part of fundraiser for NCSC resource…


Healthy Family Relationship Badminton Tournament

NCSC is very proud to announce that the event "Healthy Family Relationship Badminton  tournament" was organized very successfully today (Saturday, 2 December 2017). Players from all ages and all kinds…


Donation Handover to Dhurmus-Suntali Foundation

Nepalese Community Society of Calgary(NCSC) has contributed five thousand dollors to Dhurmus Suntali foundation for flood relief program in Terai Nepal. In an event organized by NCSC, the amount was…


Blood Donation Program, 2017

NCSC organized a blood donation program in collaboration with Canadian Blood Services on June 26, 2017, Monday. 9 Community members participated in the program. NCSC would like to thank all…


NCSC Nepali Pathshala Summer Picnic

NCSC Nepali Pathshala organized the summer picnic at Elliston Park, Calgary on June 24, 2017. Children, parents and volunteers had a great time at this event. Report cards and token…


Interaction with the Ambassador of Nepal to Canada his excellency Kali Prasad Pokharel

Ambassador of Nepal to Canada his excellency Kali Prasad Pokharel is visiting Calgary on 14 to 15 June. On this occasion, NCSC had organized an interaction program on 14 June…


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