4194 3961 52 Ave NE

Calgary, Alberta, T3J 0J7

Past Executive Committee




TERM 2018 - 2020



Dhurba Rai


Mr. Dhurba Rai, MA, is the President for NCSC CAlgary. He has received MA from TU.


Sameer Pandey

Vice President

Mr. Sameer Pandey, life member is Vice President of NCSC. He holds a Bachelor of Business degree from University of Western Sydney and currently works for Brambles Ltd. as an Account Manager. He has been living in Calgary since 2008 and his family comprises Wife, Son & daughter. He has a passion for volunteering and community work. He has a high degree of People & Leadership skills, as well as Negotiation & Problem-Solving skills. He is committed to drive NCSC in forward direction through his passion, vision, & integrity.


Shreekanta Aryal




Narayan Bhandari

Event Coordinator



Ghanendra Raj Neupane






Dipendra Bhandari

Media coordinator





Rajesh Sharma

Joint Secretary





Subarna Bikram Malla

Executive Member





Buddhi Adhikari

Executive Member





Jagat Bahadur Khadka

Executive Member





Narayan Tiwari

Executive Member





Naveen Subba

Board of Director

Naveen Subba is currently service as a Board of Director for 2016-2018.


Kalpana Dhakal

Board of Director

Board of Director for 2016-2018.


Kamal Thapa




BOD - 2016 to 2018





President: Dhurba Rai

Vice President: Kamal Bhattarai

Secretary: Dinesh Adhikari

Treasurer: Puja Bhusal

Joint Secretary: Harish Pandey

Event Coordinator: Shreekanta Aryal  / Madhab Dulal

Media Coordinator: Prabina Bhandari

Executive Members: Narayan Bhandari, Gupta Thapa, Chabbi Aryal, Ranjendra Pandey

BODs: Kalpana Dhakal, Kamal Thapa, Nabin Subba, Durga Deuja



2015 -2016


President: Dhurba Rai

Vice President: Kul Gurung

Secretary: Bishal Dhungel

Treasurer: Biswo Raj Limbu

Joint Secretary: Harish Pandey

Event Coordinator: Madhab Dulal

Executive Members: Narayan Bhandari, Gupta Thapa, Chhabi Aryal, Prabina Bhandari, Durga Deuja


2014 - 2015


President: Dr. Punya Sagar Marahatta

President: Ms. Kalpana Dhakal 

Secretary: Mr. Bishal Dhungel

Treasurer: Mr. Kabin Dhungel

Joint secretary: Mr. Harish Pandey

Event coordinator: Mr. Dhurba Rai

Executive Members: Ms. Durga Deuja, Mr. Kul B. Gurung, Mr. Madhab Dulal, Mr. Chhabi Aryal

Advisors: Ms. Bibhu Ojha Kattel,  Mr. Devraj Gautam, Mr. Ram Marahatta


2012 - 2014


President: Ms. Kalpana Pandit

Vice-President: Mr. Tirtha Bajgain & Rajendra Prasai

Secretary: Mr. Murari Adhikari

Treasurer: Ms. Mina Sapkota

Joint secretary: Mr. Brajesh Dev

Event coordinator: Mr. Kul Bahadur Gurung

Executive members: Dr. Punya Sagar Marahatta, Ms. Devi Bashyal Bhandari, Mr. Rajendra Chongbang, Mr. Chhabi Aryal

Advisors: Mr. Bharat Regmi, Mr. Devraj Gautam, Mr. Ram Sapkota, Ms. Kalpana Dhakal, Dr. Betman Singh Bhandari



2010 - 2012


President: Mr. Jagadish Chapagain

Vice-president: Mr. Bharat Regmi

Secretary and Treasurer:  Nabin Subba

Joint secretary: Mr. Tara Kattel

Event coordinator: Ms. Silu Ghimire

Executive Members:Mr.Krishna Bhatta, Mr. Purna Bahadur Thapa, Mr. Ananta Acharya, Mr. Sushil Gajurel, Mr.Hikmat Rokka

Advisors: Mr. Bishnu Subba, Mr. Bijay Limbu, Mr. Kamal Thapa, Mr. Durga Limbu, Dr. Bet Man Singh Bhandari


2008- 2010


President: Mr. Betman Singh Bhandari

Vice-president: Mr. Gobinda Upadhaya

Secretary: Mr. Bharat Regmi

Treasurer: Mr. Nabin Subba

Event coordinator: Mr. Durga Kimbu

Executive Members: Mr. Bijay Limbu, Mr. Rupendra Ghimire, Mr. Hemanta Aryal, Mr. Hikmat Rokka

Advisors: Mr. Bishnu Subba, Mr. Desh Subba, Mr. Kamal Thapa


2006 - 2008


President: Mr. Bijay Limbu

Vice-president: Mr. Krishna Kumar Rai

Secretary: Mr. Amod Rimal

Treasurer: Prakash Kumar Regmi

Event coordinator: Mr. Dhurba Limbu

Executive members: Mr. Moti Rana, Mrs. Uma Khan Thakhuri, Mr. Paban Raj Adhikari, Mr. Gobinda Upadhaya, Mrs. Rita Adhikari and Mr. Bharat Regmi

Advisors:Dr. Betman Bhandari, Mr. Bishnu Subba, Mr. Devraj Gautam, Mr. Kamal Thapa


2004 - 2006


President: Mr. Kamal Thapa

Vice-president: Mr. Bijay Limbu

Secretary: Mr. Ranjan Pant /Mr. Thakur Rai

Joint secretary: Mr. Dhurba Rai

Treasurer: Mr. Durga Limbu

Executive members: Mr. Moti Rana, Mrs. Radhika Sherpa, Mr. Devraj Gautam, Mr. Yukta Khan Thakuri and Mrs. Sarita Pathak




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