Past Project

The followings are our current projects


Healthy Aging and Preventing our Elders from Abuse and Fraud

With funding support from Federal Government’s New Horizon for Seniors Program, since the second quarter of 2021, NCSC has been implementing a project that aims to increase awareness of the elders in abuse and fraud and enhance elders’ security and resiliency. The project has been offering virtual and in-person sessions for the seniors to increase seniors’ awareness in different areas of their interest and importance. We have already benefitted 50 elders and target to reach additional 50 elders in the remaining period of the project.

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COVID-19 Impacts on Ethno-cultural Groups

Funded by the City of Calgary Ward Funding, a half day interaction session with the representatives from Nepal-origin ethnic groups and businesses was organized in 2021 to discuss and share the challenges imposed by COVID-19 on ethno-cultural groups and local businesses and find out the key measures to get back to the business.

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