NCSC Resource Center

Usages of NCSC Resource Center for General Public

NCSC Resource Center

NCSC Resource Center For General Public


We are very delighted announce that  NCSC has its own community resource center. We welcome all the Calgarians to come and use the resouce center facility and services. NCSC resource center is open for 7 days a week and runs various program to help vulnerable Calgarians. We encourage general public to use NCSC facilities and programs.

NCSC operates the Resource Center (NCSC Hall), office space, and a cultural library along with a help desk to provide support and services to the vulnerable Calgarians.


As a non-profit community organization, we envision learning from each other, helping each other, and helping grow the talents and expertise of the vulnerable Calgarians. With this vision, we encourage general public to make use of the Resource Centre Hall and its board room to organize the programs/activities that provide benefit to as many people as possible. For organizing such activities/programs, there is no charge to the general public