Rent A Hall Guidlines

Nepalese Community Society of Calgary (NCSC) - Resource Center

NCSC Resource Center

NCSC Resource Centre and Board Meeting
Room Use Guidelines for the General Public

1. The facility is exclusively used for non-commercial activities, programs, and services for free. If you want to use the facilitity for private events, go through the "Rent A Hall" tab, NCSC admin will assist you.

2. Priority will be given to the group events/programs rather than a single person or two occupying the facility. However, the general public is encouraged to take benefit from NCSC’s help desk services whenever required. The help desk opens 7 days a week 9 am to 4 pm.

3. The facility will be given on a first come first basis.

4. For booking an NCSC facility (resource center or board meeting room), NCSC encourages you to fill out a form available down below.

5. Upon submission of the form, the NCSC volunteer/help desk support person evaluates the relevance of the program, particularly whether the program has a commercial motive or not, and email/call back to the organizer/contact person with the confirmation on booking date and time.

6. Upon confirmation, the contact person will be given detailed info regarding whom to contact on the day of the program and available logistics required if any. Only existing logistic resources can be used. NCSC Support Staff will provide this info once confirmation is made.

7. The facility can be used on weekdays 9 am – 4 pm depending on its availability.

8. The contact person should sign the contract form before starting the program.

9. The organizer or contact person is fully responsible to make use of NCSC resources prudently, maintain hygiene and safety of the facility and return the space back in original condition.

10. If found something is missing or cleanliness is not maintained after the program is over, the maintenance change will be paid by the organizer. The professional maintenance/cleaning company will provide the quote under that circumstance.

11. We don’t encourage using the kitchen. In case needed, a separate agreement form has to be filled in. The NCSC Support Staff will make the form available in this case and the organizer or contact person should fill the form up and sign it. The hygiene and cleanliness of the kitchen should be maintained properly. Rule 10 applies for those using the kitchen.

12. We encourage the public to provide specific information about the program of deemed beneficial, the information will be communicated in Nepali radio, Facebook page, and other channels to help most people take advantage of such a program.

13. General public can make use of NCSC help-desk support. Individual or family support is encouraged, and NCSC will maintain the confidentiality of the information.

14. NCSC runs customize program for different age groups and promotes that information on Nepali Radio (Red FM), NCSC Facebook page, NCSC notice board, NCSC monthly calendar, and email. We encourage the general public to attend our programs. Please reach out to NCSC at for more information if you need or you can stop by on a program date.

15. NCSC has also been providing support to ethnic communities on fundraising strategy or grant writing. We always keep our door open for smaller community organizations, and ethnic or faith groups (registered or non-registered) to be part of a capacity-building program.