Our Mision & Vision


Our Mision & Vision


The vision of NCSC is to preserve Nepalese culture and heritage and help achieve the full potential of Nepali-speaking Calgarians by integrating into the Canadian multicultural society.


·        To become vibrant ethnic community capable of serving vulnerable Nepali-speaking Calgarians

·        To empower and engage Nepali-speaking Calgarians to enable them to showcase their innate potential and succeed in their lives


·        Promote social activities primarily for the Nepalese Community in Calgary and the area

·        Coordinate and run programs and services with other communities, non-profit and government organizations for the benefit of local people

·        Implement social, cultural, and linguistic programs to promote Nepalese culture and festivals in Alberta Support vulnerable Nepalese individuals and families living in Alberta through different programs and services

Strategic pillars

·        Promoting culture and heritage

·        Social inclusion of vulnerable Nepali-speaking Calgarians

·        Building capacity of community members

·        Service diversification

A key strategic priority of our program is to advance the community's collective impact and transformational change that will act more significantly toward equity, diversity, and inclusion (ED&I).

Our Mision & Vision