Nepali Mela 2023

Nepali Mela in calgary

Nepali Mela 2023


Help us make our Mega Event Successful with your volunteering expertise.

As always we encourage participation and voluntary involvement from community members to make our mega project a grand success. Please sign up with the link below to ensure your registration.

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Guess and Win: Nepalese Mela and Multicultural Showcasing (NMMS) Event (Survey)

Further to make Nepali Mela experience even more enjoyable, we have prepared a fun survey for you to participate in. All you need to do is click the link below and complete the survey form. Anyone with more than 12 years of age can participate. The survey may take only up to two minutes to participate. We have exciting gifts for the closest guess.

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Nepalese Mela and Multicultural Showcasing  (NMMS) Event (Post-Event survey)    
We are extremely thankful to all the associates for your overwhelming presence in 1st Nepalese Mela and Multiculutral Showcasing Event.  Please help us improve our future endeavors with a quick Post-Event survey below.   


Nepali Mela in Calgary

With a slogan of “Our Culture, Our Identity and Our Pride: Let’s Embrace together”, NCSC, in partnership with Nepalese organizations in Calgary and in collaboration with other ethnic communities, is hosting one day Nepali Mela and Cultural Showcasing (NMCS) event at Prairie Wind Parks in West Winds Drive on 22 July 2023 from 9 AM to 6 PM. First in its kind in the history of Calgary, the key goal of the event is to showcase Nepali culture, arts and crafts, cuisine, and talents to a wider public in Calgary and the area. The event helps increase visibility of Nepalese in Calgary and demonstrates their caliber and volunteerism whenever required. On the top of this, the event provides an opportunity for local entrepreneurs to promote their products, offer their services and advertise their businesses to wider audience outside of Nepali diaspora. We are also taking a lead to foster multiculturalism by inviting other ethnic communities in Calgary to showcase their culture and heritage and help foster intergenerational and intercultural learning. We have a hope that there will be at least 5,000 people attending the Mela. We are also hoping to get Nepalese audience and performers from outside of Calgary to observe and enjoy our event.  



·         Showcase and promote Nepali culture and heritage in Calgary

·         Strengthen the presence of Nepali community and its culture and heritage in Alberta

·         Provide a platform for local entrepreneurs to showcase their products and services

·         Showcase cultures from other communities in Calgary and foster a learning environment through multicultural lens

·         Increase the knowledge and awareness of the audience through variety of educational sessions


Nepali Mela 2023

Key Activities

·       Multicultural Parade (pre-event leading to event inauguration)

·         Event inauguration ceremony (dignitaries)

·         Cultural performance by ethnic communities

·         Singing and music by Nepali artists

·         Mini Nepal and Info desk

·         Nepalese food and cuisine, clothing

·         Nepalese Consular desk, Virtual mindfulness, Bhajan/kirtan. Multicultural arts and crafts

·         Dance performance by youth and adults (male and female)

·         Anti-racism and multiculturalism conversation cafe and expert interaction

·         Educational session on indigenous and other ethnic cultures

·         Performer and volunteer appreciation, awards, and certificate distribution 





   Final Activity Report: Community Support, Multiculturalism, and Anti-Racism Initiatives Program (CSMARI)

Final Activity Report


2023 Arts and Culture Micro grant Final Report  

Arts and Culture Microgrant Final Report