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Krishna Janmasthami Program

20 Aug, 2022

NCSC envisions protecting and transferring Nepalese culture and heritage. With the vision of protecting culture, facilitate intergenerational learning and provides opportunity for all age groups to celebrate their culture and religion, NCSC organizes series of cultural events and encourage community members from different groups to learn their culture and religious activities, transfer the learning from one generation to another. For the first time in NCSC's history, we are organizing series of cultural events and Krishna Janmasthami is one of them. All community members of different age groups are requested to take benefit from the pooja, bhajans and kirtans, cultural dance, virtual mindfulness and religious talk. 

The Krishna Janmasthami celebration was organized on 19th September 2022. Over 300 kids, youth, adults, women and seniors attended the program. The event started with Krishna Pooja followed by taking prasad, and finally series of cultural bhajan, kirtan, dance and mindfullness activities. 

For more information and feedback from the participants please browse the link below: 

Feedback of the participants