Community Strategic Action Planning

NCSC's Strategic Planning Session

Community Strategic Action Planning

Led and facilitated by Dr Gopal Bhatta, community volunteer and project management professional, a half day Community Action Planning (CAP) session was concluded on 12 Dec 2022 with 50 participants from diverse professions, age groups, gender and their portfolio in Nepalese Community Society of Calgary (NCSC). This plan reflects the input of engaged community members. The effort represents the first organization-wide, issues-driven, and Executives-reviewed strategic plan in our community’s history. The meeting started with the icebreaker (two words that come on the mind of participants in defining strategic session) followed by the brief highlights on agenda items. An hour of presentation was made by the facilitator to introduce what strategic session is all about and the objective of the presentation was to educate all participants about strategic action planning and bring all of them together on the same bench. With a series of fun activities pertaining to the strategic action planning, participants were grouped into 5 groups on the basis of their age, gender, profession and their engagement in the community. Each group was asked to refine and define organizational vision, missions, goals and objectives followed by community strategies for key outcome areas: kids and youth, culture and heritage, communication and media, seniors, funding, infrastructure and sustainability of the organization. Each group finally presented their group work and the facilitator provided feedback on their work. Due to lack of time, lack of thorough knowledge of the participants on strategic action planning and engagement of more number of participants than expected, the strategic actions are found to be poor and focus group discussions will be organized to refine the strategies in key outcome areas.

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