Healthy Women Healthy Families

Healthy Women Healthy Families (HWHF)

Healthy Women Healthy Families

The Nepalese Community Society of Calgary (NCSC), with funding support from Action Dignity Society and United Way of Calgary and Area, commenced the "Healthy Women and Healthy Families (HWHF)" project on September 1, 2023, and concluded it on December 31, 2023. The HWHF project aimed to create opportunities for women to learn, share, develop selfconfidence, and improve their physical and mental wellbeing through Zumba and awareness sessions in an inclusive environment. It aspired to empower women and build their capacity through workshops and awareness sessions focusing on women's health and nutrition, antiracism awareness sessions, and women's conversation and learning circles. 

Following Activites were undertaken during the project : 

Zumba Sessions : 24
Beauty and Make up workshops: 2
Other Training and Awareness (Truth and Reconciliation session, Maternal Health , Nutrition session, Yoga): 3

Testimonials of some of the participants
“Personal grooming helps to present people in the best possible manner. Makeup art is one of the components of it. The beauty and Makeup workshop organized by the NCSC I attended on Dec 2nd was very useful not only from a physical beauty aspect but also from a mental health perspective. This workshop helped me focus on self-care, which is also instrumental in gaining Indicators Total number of Sessions Expected number of Participants Total number of Participants Zumba sessions 24 100-120 290 Beauty and Make up workshops 2 30 63 Other training and awareness sessions (Truth and Reconciliation session, Maternal Health and Nutrition session, Yoga and Meditation, Potluck 3 45 74 Number of volunteers involved 35 49 Number of volunteer hours 60 175 Number of collaboration / joint activities 3 self-confidence and self-esteem. It also contributed to the way we love and care for ourselves regularly. The instructor (Pooja) did a fantastic job of making the workshop more interesting and valuable through her extensive knowledge, skills, and experience. I am looking forward to attending this type of program in the near future.” - Durga Deuja

“Participating in the Zumba sessions helped me strengthen my physical strength, flexibility, and mental fitness. I got the chance to socialize with Nepalese friends and other ethnic/racial groups. I was thrilled with the opportunity to spend time with my friends and community. It was one of my favorites and most enjoyable physical activities. I love it.” – Chandrakala Ghimire

“I was always excited to attend Zumba because it was my refreshing time. I was able to maintain a balanced body and mind for everything I needed to do. If we women are happy and our mental health is positive, we can look after our children and family properly. Sometimes, we suffer from so much stress inside our house that we do not want to share it with our family, but when I attended those women's focus programs, we could share our issues with other friends there; some of them also had the same issues, and we can sort out a solution that makes you feel good. Those programs are always happy moments for me. For some hours, we forget everything that's going on around us and just focus on ourselves. It supported my mental and physical health in so many ways.” – Mandira Rijal